Monday, August 14, 2006

Class with Candi Rasidy

Today we have a class with Pak Candi, one of art I art's consultants. This is for our knowledege to know more about children. In this session, we are told to mention what problem we face when we interact with children. Then we discuss why the problem occur and try to give solution.

There are 25 participants in this class and we are devided into 4 groups. Each group has to mention some of children's characters, then what is the effect from its characters, and how we solve problems that occur by this.

Pak Candi give each of the group one big carton and some colourful stickers.
So we write down all we think about above and decorate our carton. After that, all the carton are hung up at the wall and he discussed with us. Every group's carton is beautiful and colourful and each of the group doing well with the task. The class is very relax. So we learn something by searching together.

After this we still have another session with the same topic, but the problem will be more complex and there will be more deeper discussion about problem resolving. Can't wait for another session!

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